Time is Short. Choose Well.

NJ residents are coming up on a deadline. Will they choose to take advantage of the wildly successful NJ Solar Credit program or pay a lot more later?

That’s it. There are no other choices.

Here’s What You Can Have Instead:

  • Income from the NJ Solar Credit Program That Pays Most of Solar Installation Costs
  • A Solar System Providing Most of Your Electricity for Free
  • Electric Bills Lowered by 90% or More for Most Owners

Solar Credit Program “Too Expensive”

The NJ Board of Public Utilities says the Solar Credit program is “too expensive.” That means so many have taken advantage of it that the utilities need to raise their rates. But going solar now means rate increases are a thing of the past for you.

$12 Billion Planned to Update an Outdated Infrastructure

The old-fashioned system of centralized electric production and distribution is showing its age.There are $12 billion of upgrades scheduled starting next year.

Non-solar customers will pay that price with rate increases for many years.

Why should you pay for an outdated technology that will continue to need upgrades as electric loads increase? It doesn’t make sense if your house qualifies for solar.

Electricity Producers Will Always Get a Better Deal

New Jersey has subsidized the installation of solar panels for years. Now that so many residents are making their own electric, the costs of infrastructure upgrades has to be spread among a smaller group. So the state will soon terminate the successful program.

They promise a new program will take its place. But how many “new” government programs improve on the original? It may be better than staying with centralized electricity but not likely to be better than what you can get right now.

Does Your Home Qualify for the Savings?

It never hurts to find out what your options are. Does your house qualify for solar savings? How does the math work out? How soon do you have to decide? All good questions.

Call Powell Energy and Solar Now

The team at Powell Energy and Solar has been doing solar installations since the industry began. We maximize the amount of electric you can produce and make sure you get every state incentive you deserve.

If you can lock in your rates now, do it. Energy prices only go in one direction. The time for action is growing short, so don’t delay.

Call 856-380-0709 today. Get the facts. Take control.

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