Why Solar?

It’s a great investment.

A solar energy system is one of the best investments you can make financially … and beyond.  With financial markets and the price of oil as unpredictable as they are, increasing the resale value of your home while reducing your monthly expenses is one of the safest and wisest investments you can make. Within five years, most systems will pay for themselves with rebates, credits and energy cost savings.  The extra money saved can go towards home improvements, retirement savings, college savings, vacation, or anything you choose.

It’s good for the planet.

Solar power generates electricity without emitting greenhouse gases or airborne pollutants like fossil fuels or toxic waste like nuclear power. It’s safe, clean, and silent. It will protect your local environmental quality and help sustain the planet for future generations.

It’s good for America.

Solar power systems are dependent on the sun — not foreign oil or other fossil fuels.  Solar power is generated locally and employs local labor. And solar panels are made from recyclable materials, such as aluminum, cooper, steel, glass and plastic — so it’s sustainable.

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