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After seeing a presentation on the many benefits of solar energy, Dave Stow contacted Don Powell to evaluate the savings and income opportunities for Bradley & Stow Funeral Home.  Don took the time to explain solar technology, the construction process, payment options and financial analysis, including the return on investment.

Since Dave and his wife didn’t want the panels to be visible in front for grieving customers to see, the initial project was 18,000 watts located in between two dormers.  After analyzing the savings and return on investment from the initial project, Dave contacted Don Powell again to install an additional 6,600 watts on the back roof.  The full system for both projects consists of 116 solar panels feeding 5 SMA inverters located in his attic.

The system offsets nearly 75% of his electric usage and saves his business considerable money, year in and year out.

Our Customers Say It Best

“As you know, the initial system was up and running on January 1, 2010.  Over the next two years, I reduced electric expenses 56% and was compensated $16k for the production of solar electric through the sale of ESREC’s.  For this reason, I saw value in increasing the solar system on my building this year.  Thank you for your assistance and guidance with this project.” – Dave Stow, Bradley & Stow Funeral Home

Customer Name:Bradley & Stow Funeral Home
LocationMedford, NJ
System Size25,050 watts
Annual Production28,851 kWh
Projected First Year Savings/Income$14,000

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