NJ Residents: Five Steps to Comfort & Energy Savings

Solar energy and efficiencyNew Jersey Clean Energy Program (NJCEP) is promoting energy audits for NJ homeowners in hopes of reducing energy usage statewide. The program is very aggressive and financially advantageous for the homeowners who choose to take advantage of it. With this program, you can improve the comfort of your home and save 25% or more on your energy bills – and the state provides financial assistance to make energy efficiency improvements.

It’s a win-win.  Here’s a brief sketch on how the program works:

Step 1.   Get a BPI Certified Energy Audit.  A homeowner must secure the services of a BPI Certified Energy Auditor who will perform an audit on the home as authorized by NJ Clean Energy Program (NJCEP). The auditor will test all the combustion equipment in the home, check insulation levels, check for air leakage and various other sources of energy loss and produce a written report. A list of certified auditors is available from NJCEP or contact Powell Energy and Solar, a NJ State and BPI Certified auditor, to learn more  schedule your audit today.

Step 2. Obtain Report with Savings Recommendations. Using a sophisticated software program, the BPI Certified auditor will produce a list of recommended energy saving measures that can be performed which will save the homeowner additional money on energy. The home owner is NOT REQUIRED to do any of the items on the list.

Step 3.  Obtain Estimate for Recommended Improvements.  In addition to the required air sealing (primary cause of energy loss), homeowners who choose to make some or all of the improvements, can earn up to $15,000 in state sponsored financing.  This includes a $5,000 grant and a $10,000 ten-year interest free loan.  An estimate is needed to help you evaluate the opportunity.

Step 4. Submit Application for Interest Free Loan.  If the homeowner chooses to have some or all of the work done, the auditing company will assist the homeowner in submitting an application for the interest free loan. When the project is approved and the loan application is approved, the work can begin.

Step 5. Complete Project.  Once the work is complete, final paperwork is submitted to the state. The loan funds are disbursed and the homeowner can begin enjoying the greater comfort and lower operating cost of their home. For your protection, NJ Clean Energy Program, spot checks projects to assure quality work is being done.

The NJ Clean Energy Program is a win-win for the State of NJ and the homeowners who participate. Powell Energy and Solar is a BPI Certified Energy Auditor.  Give us a call at  856-380-0709 to learn more or schedule an appointment.

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