Six Reasons Why You Should Choose Micro-Inverters

For years the old fashion way of converting the power produced by solar panels into usable AC has been “central Inverters”. Fortunately, a new solution is now available that provides more value to the owner. Micro-inverters are small inverters that are directly attached to each and every solar panel. Here are just a few of the advantages micro-inverters provide:

  1. Save Space.  Micro-inverters are all located on the roof so there is no need to find a space to locate a large bulky inverter or to lose valuable storage space.
  2. 25 Year Warranty.  Micro-inverters are warranted for 25 years. They pay for the labor to replace the inverter and warrant any loss of revenue from down time due to inverter failure. Central inverters commonly are warranted for 10 years.
  3. More Output With Mechanical Failure.   We all know that anything mechanical has the potential to fail or stop working.  With a central inverter, if a component fails, the whole system stops producing power until a repairman can be dispatched, get the necessary parts and make the necessary repairs.  With Micro-inverters,  if a component fails, one solar panel stops making power.  All the others continue to produce, so your loss of output is much less.
  4. Eliminates Panel Mismatch to Maximize Output.  Micro-inverters eliminate a problem with solar panel strings known as “panel mismatch error”.  Simply, all panels come with a tolerance range, plus or minus the rated output. When panels are strung together using a central inverter, the lowest output panel restricts the output of all the others in the string to its level. With Micro-inverters, each panel puts out its maximum and you get the most power available.
  5. More Usable Power & Savings.  All electric conductors (wires) resist electric flow to some extent. The DC voltage that solar panels make suffers transmission lose in orders of magnitude greater that AC current. With a central inverter the DC power must be transmitted from the roof all the way to the utility room or other location of the inverter. It will have a significant distance to travel which will translate into significant lose of electricity. Micro-inverters convert the DC current produced by the panel into AC right at the panel so the line lose getting the electricity to your use is significantly less which results in more usable power for you and more dollars saved.
  6. Real Time Reporting Reduces Production Loss.  Micro-inverters report their production in real time which is displayed on a graphic display on the manufacturer’s website and can be viewed by the system owner.  Since there is an inverter connected to each solar panel, the owner can see exactly what each panel is doing in real time. This allows you to spot any problems immediately and avoid lengthy diagnostic work to determine if there is an issue and which panel might be the cause. This eliminates production lose from unrecognized problems and reduces service costs significantly should a problem arise.

If you are looking to go solar in your home or business, check out micro-inverter systems; for savings and peace of mind, this new technology pays off big time.

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