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Solar Installation - Best of South JerseyWelcome to the home of the Delaware Valley’s energy efficiency and solar experts.

With solar power, you will save thousands over the life of your system and get cleaner, more affordable energy.  Solar helps protect the environment for our kids and reduces American dependence on foreign oil and other fossil fuels!

When it comes to solar projects, here’s why homeowners and businesses choose Powell Energy and Solar and gladly refer us to others. 

  • Full Service Solar Provider.  From design to installation and start up, we manage every step of the process.  We even take care of all permits and assist with applicable rebates to lower your costs and maximize your savings.
  • Flexible Payment Options.  Clean, solar power should be affordable for everyone.  So we offer several payment and leasing options.
  • Quality Work.  An installation will only be operationally sound and cost-effective if installed correctly.  Powell Energy & Solar is a Green Advantage and Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified company and a member of the US Green Building Council.  Owner Donald Powell is a LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Accredited Professional.
  • Superior Products.  Powell systems exclusively use micro-inverter technology which increase production by 8-10% and last 2 ½ times longer (25 years) than other inverters.
  • Solid Business & Reputation.  Serving customers since 2006, Powell Energy & Solar is in good standing with permitting authorities and local utilities – and gladly provides customer references.
  • Guarantee.  While the solar panels and micro-inverters come with a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty, Powell guarantees the workmanship and materials for a full five years.  If anything goes wrong with your system, not the result of casualty, we will gladly fix it – free of charge.

5 Myths about Solar and the Facts

Myth #1 Solar panels don’t work in the winter or when it’s cloudy.  Fact Contrary to common belief, solar panels are absolutely functional in both the winter and on cloudy days. PV systems operate in response to sunlight, not heat, making them perfectly effective in the winter. Although solar panels have the highest efficiency with direct...…
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Solar trends to expect in 2016

One expectation that is certain to come true in 2016 is for continued accelerated solar deployment. The trend to renewables is clear, and solar is a major player.  Momentum is strong, and 2016 will likely be another year of accelerated growth. The following is a list of eight  things for watch for – or at...…
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Eight big trends in Renewable Energy to watch out for in 2016

It’s that time of year again. Time to consider what the big trends of the next 12 months might be. There will be ambitious plans for decarbonisation pushed by states, regional and local governments. The push against wind and solar will become the new denialism, arguments will rage about consumer tariffs as networks seek to protect...…
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Can a house or business charge an electric car?

Electric vehicles are becoming more popular but only a smaller number of owners power those cars with electricity generated from rooftop solar panels. “If you live in a house that makes all its power from solar, you reduce your carbon footprint for the house down to zero,” said Richard King, “But if you live in...…
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Enemies of the Sun

Does anyone remember the Cheney energy task force? Early in the George W. Bush administration, Vice President Dick Cheney released a report that was widely derided as a document written by and for Big Energy — because it was. The administration fought tooth and nail to keep the process by which the report was produced secret, but...…
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So You’re Thinking About Adding Solar Panels to Your Home

Solar panels are growing in popularity, and it doesn’t look like a trend that will be going away anytime soon. The cost of solar energy has significantly decreased for a number of reasons: There are many affordable options for homeowners, there are various Federal and State incentives, and the cost of the equipment has decreased....…
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